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Getting CSR On the Corporate Agenda

At the recent Business for Social Responsibility conference in Seattle, several speakers and attendees held the title of Vice President, Corporate Social Responsibility. While the title isn’t new, it is not yet prevalent in among multinational companies. Case studies of two major companies from the…
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Building Awareness of CSR

Barbara Burton and associates have delivered speeches to a range of business groups and companies on the topic of sustainability—from the basics (defining and explaining the field) to in-depth presentations (examining the triple bottom line, sustainability reporting, metrics associated with sustainable business practices and stakeholder engagement). All presentations feature relevant case studies, current research, and tools companies can use as they embark on a sustainability program.
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Sustainability Training

Learn all about how to lead your company to sustainability through vision and decision making. Leaders must be able to correctly translate their insights into tangible projects and processes that can be distributed, accepted, and executed upon throughout the company.
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